The secret to borrowing money to buy cars is not everyone knows

Choosing a bank with a preferential loan package, generating income from a car, working hard to pay your car loan ahead of time is a way to help you quickly own a car.

Choose a bank with fast processing speed

Processing speed is one of the important criteria you should consider when choosing a bank to apply for a loan. Professional banks approve the application within 24 hours, some banks do better as TPBank approves the application within 8 hours.

The professional bank staff will also see immediately the problems that customers encounter when buying a car for the first time such as the problem of missing documents in the file, the difference between buying a new car from the showroom or buying a car old, and quickly solve the problem, reduce a lot of time for customers.

According to many customers who borrow cars, the interest rate for car loans by banks is actually very low and insignificant, selecting banks with good services will be more beneficial for customers, in addition to They are also willing to support customers during the loan period.

Lending banks will reduce pressure on interest payments

If you know carefully, borrowing money to buy a car will be a smarter and lighter decision than you think

Customers can choose to borrow 12 months, 24 months, 36 months … and during this time need to refund money to customers. However, there are banks lending up to 84 months (7 years), helping customers quickly reduce the pressure to pay significant interest.

For example, with popular cars of Toyota, Hyundai and Kia cost about VND 600 million, customers will normally borrow about 50% of the car value equivalent to VND 300 million. Taking the preferential loan package of TPBank with a duration of 84 months and an interest rate of 7.6% / year, the first month customers only pay about 5 million VND.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duong (TPBank customer specialist), when people buy a majority of cars, they choose a long-term loan, but most of them pay in advance, and if customers choose a term of 84 months, they will pay it for 24 months. prepayment is negligible.

Increasing income from the car as a plan to pay interest

Apart from providing family safety, it can also help owners earn more money, or advance in their careers.

According to the staff of a real estate company specializing in renting a house for foreigners. Since the car was actively taken, welcomed Japanese guests to see the house, his successful rate of rent increased rapidly. He even worked as a focal point to organize a few golf tournaments for Japanese bosses and a pretty good commission. Sign up for a 36-month car loan package, after exactly 24 months, he has paid his 250 million car loan.

“Actually, the car also made me more confident, given more responsibility, thus earning more money, knowing how to buy a car to do so many things, I bought it early,” he said.

There are people who choose other businesses, such as renting dry cars on administrative working days, only using weekends, the amount of rented vehicles to pay the bank and still have cars to go.

Buying a car is thinking for you first

This is also the right thought, helping you work hard to earn good quality of life and be satisfied in the decision to borrow your car.

According to statistics, cars rank quite high compared to motorcycles in terms of safety. In many serious accidents, the car with airbag still ensures safety for people sitting inside, while motorcycles are not possible. Of course, you should buy insurance to minimize the risk.

Whether the weather is hot, full of dust or drizzling rain, the car will always be a reliable companion that motorbikes cannot afford.

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