America cold record, why car gasoline is not frozen?

Freezing gasoline at -73 degrees Celsius or lower. If the gas tank is leaking or there is condensation inside, there is a risk of freezing gasoline at low temperatures.

The United States is bracing itself for the record cold weather in the Midwest, many schools and agencies are closed, even the carmakers in this region also stop producing. The problem of people moving has many difficulties because of thick snow and extremely low temperature.

Low temperatures may cause car parts to rust. Many car care tips suggest that users should keep gasoline at half the tank level, to avoid gasoline freezing. But in fact, is gasoline easy to freeze if it doesn’t pour more than half a bottle, or is it just a baseless rumor?

The freezing temperature of gasoline is at -100 degrees F (-73 degrees C) or lower, depending on the ingredients in gasoline (octan freezes earlier). Meanwhile, diesel has a higher freezing temperature than gasoline, which is why winter diesel blends are produced.

However, the low level of gasoline in the bottle can also cause some unintended phenomena. If the driver continuously puts the fuel tank at 1/4 or lower, the car may have some problems.

At very low temperatures, gasoline can break down its structure and its components can separate, with heavier molecules aggregating together. Condensation or steam in the fuel tank may freeze, affecting the performance of the vehicle.

The alcohol content in gasoline is water absorbing, but if there is not enough alcohol, moisture will not be absorbed completely. Regularly leaving the car at a low fuel level can also cause trouble for the driver, as fuel in the tank may be less than the level shown on the meter.

However, the case of gas freezing in the bottle is very unlikely. The technology of making gasoline from ethanol and the fuel injection system on the car has been improved over the past 30 years.

To be sure, users should check whether the fuel tank has a leak. For places with negative temperatures, users should also use additional anti-freezing additives to clean up the steam accumulated in the bottle.

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