Goodbye Tata Nano – The cheapest car in the world

Tata Motors India has been discontinued.

According to Bloomberg data, Tata Motors assembled a Nano in June of the same year. In the same period of 2017, they also produced only 275 units. Tata also confirmed they can not continue to assemble the Nano in 2019.

At the launch of the Indian market in 2008, Tata Motors was closing at $ 100,000, or $ 1,500, for the Nano. Since then, car prices have risen up to the peak of $ 3,435. Though highly anticipated by both Tata and Indian consumers, the Nano has not been able to achieve the level of success that both sides expect, driving sales down and eventually disappearing in the market.

Since its inception, the Nano has had continuous problems with its production lines, not to mention the fact that the car was crushed because of its near-zero impact and safety. Worse, Tata is constantly facing charges because the Nano ignited and caught fire.

Breaking up with the Nano, so come as a result inevitably. However, the Indian market is still growing well with a 38% increase in passenger cars in June of this year.

Indian customers still prefer to buy cheap cars, but the price and quality of the Nano is said to have “too much momentum” that many consumers are afraid to dare not buy. Owning the title of “the cheapest car in the world” also makes the Nano many customers neglect face value and spend more money to buy more options.

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