Not yet manufactured, VinFast cars have increased by hundreds of million VND

Less than 1 month from the date of launch in Vietnam, VinFast suddenly announced to increase the selling price of cars even though it has not yet been produced. Model VinFast Lux SA 2.0 and A 2.0 raised prices by hundreds of million dong.

From 1 January 2019, VinFast will proceed to increase the selling price of its cars for the first time. The roadmap for price increase of VinFast cars is divided into 3 different phases from January 1, 2019, May 1, 2019 and September 1, 2019. The second round of incentives will last until April 30, 2019, while the selling price in the period of 1/5/2019 of all 3 models will be announced in the following year.

The model with the highest price increase was Lux SA 2.0, up 150 million dong, while Lux A 2.0 sedan increased by 100 million dong.

Specifically, turning to the first day of 2019, VinFast Lux SA 2.0 will have a selling price of VND 1.414 billion , an increase of VND 164 million compared to the price at launch, before hitting the highest selling price of VND 2 billionon September 1 / 2019.

Meanwhile, VinFast Lux A 2.0 will increase the selling price to 990 million dong on January 1, 2019, 110 million dong higher than the price at the first stage. On 1/9/2019, the car will be sell for 1.5 billion VND .

The model of VinFast Fadil urban car will also be raised by VND 25 million, to VND 394.9 million on January 1. At the end of the subsidy period, VinFast Fadil will be sold for VND 465.3 million. The above prices are subject to VAT.

VinFast has announced an increase in the price of all 3 cars, less than 1 month since its launch on November 20.

Earlier on November 20, VinFast launched three models including Lux SA 2.0, Lux A 2.0 and Fadil in Vietnam, attracting the attention of consumers. Many customers have spent money on deposits and accepted to wait up to 10 months to receive the car.

At the first stage, VinFast implements a “3 no” price subsidy policy, the selling price of VinFast SA 2.0 is 1.25 billion dong , VinFast Lux A 2.0 is 880 million dong while the urban model VinFast Fadil is priced at VND 370 million, VAT has been calculated.

VinFast Fadil will also raise the price by VND 23 million from January 1, 2019.

According to Mr. Thanh Le, Deputy Director of Otofun, although the engine and gearbox and safety features on VinFast Fadil are slightly higher than other models in the segment, it is important to test this model when It completed its production in Vietnam and could roll on the street, at which time it was possible to make accurate judgments.

Currently, VinFast has not officially produced its models. Customers make a deposit to buy a car based on the model versions displayed and a technical data sheet. VinFast models are expected to reach customers in the second half of 2019.

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