This old American car has 7 seats, uses V6 engine but the price is lower than the Toyota Vios number of floors

Dodge Grand Caravan SXT in the mid-size MPV segment, using 4.0L V6 engines is being sold for 500 million VND.

A famous car showroom in Saigon is selling the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT model for VND 500 million. Vehicles of medium size MPV segment, the same size as Kia Sedona.

The number of Dodge Grand Caravan in Vietnam so far is very rare, plus the price is lower than the Toyota Vios, so this is a good choice for people with limited economic conditions or like to play exclusive cars. Car with gray paint.

The car is 5.144 mm long, 2,000 mm wide and 1,750 mm high, 3,078 mm wheelbase. Luggage compartment up to 914 liters.

Dodge is an American automobile brand, quite well known for its bold muscle cars made of flags and flowers.

Vehicle mounted gasoline engine 4.0L V6, SOHC, for a capacity of 251 horsepower and 340 Nm of torque. 6-speed automatic transmission and front drive. Because of the large capacity engine, fuel consumption will be an obstacle for many people. But in return, the large capacity engine offers good acceleration, no ì when carrying enough people.

The interior is simple with a buttonless steering wheel, key start, a basic entertainment screen. Interesting point of the gear is placed on high, right next to the clock cluster.

Due to production from more than 10 years ago, the interior of the car cannot be as modern as cars today.

Central control panel with automatic 2 zone conditioning. Car with air-conditioning door for rear seats.

Lots of space for cups and furniture.

The second row of seats is separated separately.

And can come back to chat with the person sitting in row 3.

2 separate screens for entertainment. Air conditioning door mounted on the ceiling.

Luggage space is still spacious despite opening all 3 rows of seats. The use of these unique models is often difficult to find parts, but in return is the difference with the majority.

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